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I am going to be taking a small break from this blog. Some of the very few followers I have will probably unfollow me but oh well.

I am once again having small issues in my life that I need to get sorted out.

I will probably pop on every few days and reblog some stuff but most things will probably be on my personal blog.

For those of you who follow me because of well, me and not just the random stuff I reblog then here it is:

You can like see my face and how much it sucks and stuff.

I’ll probably come on every so often to check on some people and make sure they’re okay. (AKA my friend Libby and creepypyramid)

(hopefully my boyfriend won’t get bored too, seeing I know he likes to look at my blog and laugh, sorry! Don’t worry, I’ll smooch your adorable face)

but yeah, don’t worry if I don’t reblog for a while. I’m not dead.

Does anyone know how to stop depression from coming back?

Yo, don’t ever tell anyone to kill themselves. Like seriously, stop, don’t do it.

Does anyone else think it be nice idea to have an option to not see your own posts/reblogs on your dashboard. Just to make it easier to see the posts the people you follow reblog?